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The Episcopal Church is a part of the wor.ldwide anglican Communion. We trace our life and tradition to the time of the New Testament through centuries of Chrisitanity in England. We believe ourselves to be Catholic. This means we hold to the essentials of the Catholic and Apostolic faith, the Creeds, the Sacraments, Holy Scripture, and the ministry of lay people, bishops, priests, and deacons.

We also believe ourselves to be Protestant, accepting the important reforms of the Reformation. These include a belief that the Bible is the work of God, that it contains all things necessary for salvation, and that God calls us to a form of church government which especially includes lay people.

Episcopalians believe that God is foound in the Bible, in the Sacraments, and in the neighbor to be served. We give attention to developing mature followers of Christ, to the use of reason in matters of faith and moral decisions, and to participation of lay people in our worship. Having experienced the Holy Spirit leading us, we profess that any success Episcopalians have at being disciples who love and serve comes from that same Lord of Life.

There are about 65 million Anglican Christians in 165 countries around the world. It has often been said that we are a bridge between the Roman and Protestant churches.

Through scripture, tradition, and reason, we seek to find and experience the Lord of Life in our life. we seek a life in which we discover the work which God in Christ has called us to in this day. The heartbeat of our life is found in our sacramental worship. The sacraments speak to us of God's initiative in our life.

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